The /mask bug.

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The /mask bug. Empty The /mask bug.

Post  Mike_Hoffman on Mon Oct 29, 2012 6:03 pm

Yesterday (10/28/2012) we noticed that /mask was bugged when a friend of mine tried to /mask into another player name that existed the other account got bugged and the stats of the player that used /mask changed to the other account we thought that it was just a minor problem it actually was as Dre mention he fixed it already, this won't happen again I'm sorry to the players that get bugged if a problem occurs in your account while player please contact me(Mike/Brock) or Mykell In-Game you can also contact Xser if we weren't online, once again I'm apologizing to the players that got bugged.

Dre fixed it.

I fixed this bug. I normally thought it would be okay to disguise your as someone else but our player saves depended on GetPlayerName(playerid) rather than Player[playerid][NormalName] so yes his account got merged into yours. I told Joshua your new password and refunded you to Joshua's stats and what I knew about your rank and group. I apologise for this inconvenience, but either way you didn't merge with Carlos so I can't punish him you merged with Xser, I will speak to him about this. A full refund will be given if your not satisfied with Joshua's current stats.


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