Autoban tazer bug.

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Autoban tazer bug.

Post  Bert Mac on Sun Nov 04, 2012 3:15 am

Why were you banned?Autoban weapon hacking silenced pistol, Bug.
Answer here Autoban weapon hacking silenced pistol, Bug.

Who banned you?
Answer here Autoban system

Date of ban (Keep time if possible)?
Answer here 12:05 04/11/2012

Why Should you be unbanned?
Well, I just logged on and it came up in my group Motd that the tazer was now a silenced pistol, I then did /tazer and shot it twice then /tazer and holstered it again, Then a message came up Autoban defined reason weapon hacking S pistol and server closed the connection. So I think the new scripting bugged a bit and banned me :/

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