Stock For Mod (Proof read and fixed)

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Stock For Mod (Proof read and fixed)

Post  Stockcord3033 on Wed May 22, 2013 12:09 am

1.) IG Name: Stockcord3033
2.) Age: 14
3.) Experience: I have had staff Positions Before. I have been playing Minecraft since 1.0 . I have been Officer , Mod and Head mod. The server I use to be Head Mod on loved me. We can have competitions every so often like red stone building and other stuff. I have handled hackers and annoying people who advertise there servers. Also people who argue and i try to find proof between to arguments.
4.) Other Staff Positions: Moderator, Head mod and Officer
5.) Applying For: Moderator
6.) Join Date: I joined the new server about 5 days ago. I was also on the old server that was up a long time ago.
7.) Reason we should accept you: I come on a lot. I could help build or do anything you ask. I have been working as staff on big servers. I have the knowledge to deal with Rough Situations. I don't abuse my power. I understand your looking for someone loyal to be staff. I am that someone. I have had a server of my own so i know a lot of commands. I like to hear both sides to a story if someone tells me there is an issue with someone I will see what i can do. I will try to be the best mod this server has ever seen. I would love to have this position in your wonderful server. Pine how long has this server been around ? I love the fact we get cool skills like super jump and assassins blade. I've been on a lot of servers none like yours. I'm not trying to say this like i'm lying because i'm not. This is the first server I've been on with hero classes. I like to be staff and help around in servers. I have experienced hackers first hand on another server I was head mod on. I know how bad and ugly it can get. I will enforce the rules of your server and make sure everyone is in line. I won't be like "Oh you can't do this or that (" unless it's bad). To Make this server less cool. I will tell you if I have a problem with something or any rules to make this server any better. I hope i can get you to read all of this. I also hope this is 200 words . Thanks for your time.
8.) Skype and Microphone: Stockcord3033 Very Happy

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Re: Stock For Mod (Proof read and fixed)

Post  PineAbe on Wed May 22, 2013 12:42 am

First decent application. I am going to give you 24 hours to proof read it and fix any spelling mistakes and misplaced characters.

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