Staff Application Format/Requirements

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Staff Application Format/Requirements Empty Staff Application Format/Requirements

Post  PineAbe on Thu Jun 06, 2013 9:27 am


1.) IG Name:
2.) Age:
3.) Experience:
4.) Other Staff Positions:
5.) Applying For: Builder/Moderator/Administrator
6.) Join Date:
7.) Reason we should accept you:  


  • You must follow the format given. No other formats will receive any recognition .
  • You must be willing to do ANYTHING asked by authority.
  • You must have skype and a microphone.
  • Add question 8.) Skype; If you are uncomfortable with putting your details just let us know.
  • Do not private message staff to look at your application.
  • For question 7, a minimum of 50 words is required for builder, a minimum of 200 for moderator and a minimum of 300 for administrator.
  • Grammar and spelling needs to be perfect
  • Plagiarism will result in a permanent blacklist
  • Honesty is key to a successful application

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