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Rules (SA-MP)

Post  PineAbe on Wed Jul 24, 2013 9:58 am

1.) Do not Metagame
Rules wrote:
Meta-gaming is mixing OOC knowledge with IC knowledge or vice versa. This includes non-rply finding someone's name and using emoticons in IC chats. Emoticons and abbreviated phrases can be used in SMS's and OOC chats. Punishment for new players committing this crime is a kick, otherwise a lengthy prison sentence based on severity and intentions.

2.) Do not Powergame
Rules wrote:
Powergaming is to perform unrealistic actions or forcing them onto other players (i.e /me turns into superman and forces Carlos to run away crying). Unlike most other servers, a S/F statement is not required, if its RPly impossible to resist. You can use /attempt for friendly RP such as roleplaying basketball. Here is an example of an RP scene:
Dre Mofujoe grabs Tyler Rader by the collar, before dragging him to the corner
Dre Mofujohn throws a series of punches.
Tyler Rader raises his fists, defending against Dre's combo before throwing a left hook
Tyler Rader continues to throw punches at Dre
(Fist brawl)

Notice how one punch does not knock someone out? It's unrealistic no matter how strong you are. Anything that is on you, whether it be narcotics, ids or weapons, its on you.

3.) Roleplay ALL the time
Rules wrote:
Unless in OOC jail, your required to RP. In addition to powergaming, RP for fun not to win. You are an average person, no one has a muscular build and no one has any extra speed or strength than anyone else (even police officers). No one is a "superhuman". You are all equal, if you are RPing a larger person it has to already be in your /ame. Otherwise it does not count. This also includes:
[*]Logging off or suiciding to avoid death or RP.
[*]Pretending the weapon attached to your back is RPly hidden. Use /disarmweapons if it is.

4.) All roleplay binds are to be in /ame
Rules wrote:
Self explanatory, all binds with /me are to be /ame.

5.) Do not Revenge Kill
Rules wrote:
After your death you lose 30 minutes of memory. You cannot return to the area of your death within those 30 minutes. To pick up your vehicle, notify the killers by /pm and enter to only pick up the vehicle, nothing else.

6.) Scamming and Robbing
Rules wrote:
To scam both players must have at least 80 playing hours (score). You can scam no more than $20000 value. Vehicle/home/business scams are prohibited. For robberies, both players need at least 10 playing hours. You can rob no more than $100 for every playing hour the player has. Maximum of $5000 to rob. If a robbery/scam is successful, do not kill the player unless they bring it on themselves. You are allowed to rob over the limit if you want to rob what you have been scammed back.

7.) Non-RP Behaviour
Rules wrote:
Non-RP behaviour is doing something in-game that you wouldn't ordinarily do in real life. For example you do not randomly shoot walls. This also includes driving like a maniac whilst in a sober status and cop-baiting. Non-RP Behaviour includes:

  • Refusing to roleplay fear. If you have guns pointed towards your face and refusing to comply. Unless you have backup present you must comply, this includes being surrounded by gang/law enforcement members.
  • Car surfing. Jumping on top of a vehicle and being present while it is moving. You can RP this if someone is in the trunk. Only 1 person can fit in this trunk.
  • Bunny-hopping. Jumping continuously to gain speed, this is disallowed everywhere.
  • Asspull. All heavy weapons (primary's) must be roleplay'd being taken out. If the weapon is pulled out via a bind, remember to have it in /ame. Small weapons such as glocks do not have to be RP'd being pulled out.

8.) Do not Deathmatch
Rules wrote:
You must roleplay killing someone ALL the time. If you don't have an IC reason to kill, then you cannot kill them. You may not kill anyone you see, even if you are RPing insane. If you are enemy gang members and you spot each other. RP a confrontation or let them agree to a shoot out via /pm. Do NOT kill anyone for no reason without OOC consent from both parties.

9.) No 3rd Party Modifications
Any modification that gives you an advantage over everyone else is prohibited. This is a very serious offense, modifications that enhance your performance or game aesthetics are allowed.

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