Weapon Safety Manual

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Weapon Safety Manual

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Obtaining a CCW Permit
To obtain a permit you must contact the LSPD. You may use a 911 emergency call for this. Wait 30 minutes between calls, otherwise face being banned from applying. If you have been charged with any criminal offences regarding gun related incidents you may not request a CCW license. After you are given a CCW permit, it can be revoked at any time for breaking any of the agreements. If you are able to contact a Sergeant of the PD, the license can be handled by them.

The officer in charge will then give you a few questions based on handling a fun safely. Here are the restrictions on purchasing and using firearms.

  • You must have the permit on you at all times you have a weapon on you.
  • You may only use the weapons you select to use.
  • All information given must be true.
  • You cannot assist law enforcement officers with this license.
  • You have permission to kill for your own safety, however a fatal wound will be advised.
  • You may not give your weapon to anyone even if they have a valid license.
  • You must not have the weapon in the open without a reason.
  • You can only use the weapon in self defence it for sporting activities.
  • Handguns can only be used for self defence, Shotguns and Rifles for sporting activities.
  • You may not have a heavy weapon attached to you.
  • Kevlar's are allowed to be worn anywhere, by anyone.
  • Weapons that are on the roster are the only weapons certified for sale in Los Santos.
  • The license fee of $10000 must be paid to the officer in charge.

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