Cody Swift Application for anything

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Cody Swift Application for anything

Post  CSwift on Sun Jul 28, 2013 2:15 pm

1.) IG Name:Cody Swift
2.) Age:16
3.) Experience: Scripting/Mapping/Being admin for 4 years Not on this server, but yea'
4.) Other Staff Positions:On other servers Admin level 6
5.) Applying For: Moderator
6.) Join Date: 28/7/2013
7.) Reason we should accept you:
I'm a very nice guy and love to help everyone, i came to this server because i love heavy roleplay and more,
It's hard to write this but i'll try, I want to help this community with helping new players and keep the server in the rules, i want to be a moderator because i think i'll be good for it i scripted for long i even scripted my own gamemode, for SAMP and i just map for fun,
I would like if you accept this, but i think it wont because i am new in the server,
I'm mature I like to help Swift family's for the win,

Regrads C. Swift,


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Re: Cody Swift Application for anything

Post  PineAbe on Sun Jul 28, 2013 3:26 pm

Minecraft Staff only. However see me in-game for your group. I am gonna make it happen Smile

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