James Franklin || Staff Application.

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James Franklin || Staff Application.

Post  Craze on Sat Aug 03, 2013 9:55 am

1.) IG Name: James Franklin
2.) Age: 15
3.) Experience:
I've owned multiple servers, my own. One of mine that was run on a Vortex Edit aswell went pretty successful, 15-25 players daily, until we started suffering with DDoS attacks, which became a big issue causing us to shut down.
4.) Other Staff Positions: Orthodox-Gaming rank 1338 (Owner), Custom Gaming: Rank 1338 (Head Admin), United City Roleplay: Rank 9999 (Executive Administrator).
5.) Applying For: Administrator.
6.) Join Date: 02/08/2013
7.) Reason we should accept you: I can start making some guides to the things I know although I have donated only £10 I'm willing to help the server in any way. I am going to be helping in /n 24/7, Well the reason I'd like to become a Commnity Helper is I'd like to help the community by answering /n's and helping the community doesn't do anything more than put a smile on my face, I have reached 10 hours playing time (I know it's not alot) Although I am a experienced admin, I know what I'm doing I'd like to keep Modern Gaming safe from the hackers, trolls, etc and keep it like the other SA:MP Community, good, nice staff (Who are already so nice to me), I am willing to give up all of my RP time to help the players of Modern Gaming. I'd be happy to help if it was through /n I don't mind. I am a experienced admin, especially with Vortex script, I know some of the commands off this edit. I will try to get in-game as much as I can in case anyone knew feels like joining and they would like to stay, they've got someone their to help them. I'm willing to listen to any orders given, I work well as a team I'm calm and patent. I'm not going to let the team down if I get the position in fact I'm putting everything I have into getting it. I'm dedicated to the server and willing to give up my own free time to help the community. I was also like to help bring the Community the attention it deserves. - That is why I would like to become a Administrator. I am a very calm and chilled out Administrator as I have been tooled, I was continue to be that way and make he players happy, although then the rules need to be enforced, I will enforce them.


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