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Sema'j Miller's Staff Application Empty Sema'j Miller's Staff Application

Post  Semaj_Miller on Sat Aug 10, 2013 8:04 am

1.) IG Name:
Semaj Miller

2.) Age:
(IC 26) (OOC 14)

3.) Experience:
Level 5 (Soon To be 6, Current LSPD Sergeant).

4.) Other Staff Positions:

5.) Applying For:

6.) Join Date:
July 26, 2013

7.) Reason we should accept you:
Since i been here at this Modern Gaming RP Community, i had goal set for me. As i became apart of factions which include Los Santos Fire Department, Los Santos Police Department, Once i attempted for Moderator joined more complex factions and came it was time to push my self and work harder. As apart of the admin team i am willing to give my community and staff members put in all my time and give it 110% through out the whole time of me being here. I will do the best i can to my knowledge its not all about holding a tag in my book its about serving my community of Modern Gaming RP as to these future members i help them through the way can do the same from newbies, i will step up my game through the whole way as being a Junior Admin just to prove why i deserve to become apart of the staff, if i proved to my Moderation team on becoming a moderator i hope i can prove this to you all of the Staff.. I am willing to help out any in way, shape, or forum to help better the community to were ever one is happy. I'm prepared, to accept any help from any member of Modern Gaming RP other than parking cars, fixing bug problems with members, etc. I've been playing with Modern Gaming RP for a while now i learned the protocols.. I have experienced two of the people who helped me through this server and those 2 people are Cody McAdam & Tyler Raden, without these guys i wouldn't know a thing, after watching they're every move seeing how they handle problems, i've earned a great amount of teaching from these two guys, especially on how to be a team player, follow rules, be a moderator, etc. If i was to be handed this Junior Admin title i would keep my duty and accept it i would take my time out of RP to help all community members and future members, to help my peers of Modern Gaming RP, By relating to their Issues that they are having with SA-MP. Or any other problem, For Ex. SA-MP Wont Load Up i'm good a fixing problem like that. I've Had same problems so people are go through and i fixed that so Now i want to dedicate my time to the Modern Gaming RP Community and help out, With a Positive attitude.  I would not Deny anything against me cause i do not lie i'll be straight Up Honest, and by that if people who have problems doing so I'm more then welcome to help them fix their problems, act, or ways. I will be fully dedicated to this server and Only this server I'm asking you if i can receive this chance you guys want be let down, this will be like my second birth place with the wonderful admin team in here. Like once said I will dedicate myself entirely to assisting users in their issues and their reports. Nothing will go unanswered and there is no term.  I will do my absolute best as a Admin.


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