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May Class Revamp

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May Class Revamp Empty May Class Revamp

Post  PineAbe Sat May 25, 2013 11:13 am

Saturday, 25/05/2013

Greetings Modern-Gaming members. This post is to inform you about our latest class update. Please read attentively. You have lost your profession but not to worry, just /hero CHOOSE (Old Profession) and your profession will be returned. We will not be refunding profession XP as we simply don't have the time and resources to do so, sorry but the server has only been up a few weeks so you couldn't have lost that much.

Why have professions been removed/I can't use all the tools?
Basically in this class update what you must do is /hero prof (Profession). You can view the new professions at spawn. You don't need to master any classes to select a profession. The sort of professions are...

  • Miner
  • Woodcutter
  • Farmer
  • Digger
  • Fisherman

Basically you can no longer use every single tool but only the ones selected by your profession. Note this does not mean Warrior's cannot use axes to chop trees, you still can so it would be wise to select a profession that your class doesn't already cover.

This system is on BETA. It may or may not be permanent. The profession update has been reverted. However the class update still stands. The profession will return some day if our population grows. That's all

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