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Raiding Changes

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Raiding Changes Empty Raiding Changes

Post  PineAbe Wed Jun 12, 2013 3:29 pm

Wednesday, 12/06/2013

Hello loyal player!
There have been a few changes to the raiding system as of the given date. You may no longer steal land from other factions no matter what the circumstances. Power system remains so dying stops you from obtaining land. As for chests they cannot be touched unless in the faction your stealing from which is illegal. However you can break into bases now, wooden doors and trap doors can be used with ease, iron doors however will keep your base from harm. There will be continual changes and I will keep you informed of our servers progressing game mode. As for refunds of stolen goods, the only people who will obtain one are members from "SonsOfOdin" as they were the only ones who posted on the forum for one and they are a very dominant faction on the server.

This will explain why our server prohibits griefing and raiding. I believe there is no purpose of griefing, all it does is ruin the map and make people upset. Why bother to go out of your way to make someone feel bad? Its because your a douchebag, thats right, anyone who believes in this is a general douchebag. I think griefing is fun, its true it is fun, but the cons outweigh the pros and it builds bad community leaving the server in a state of anarchy. I want nice and kind players on our server rather than "douchebags". The only reason chest stealing was removed was because it causes confusion and people are unaware of the system we had before. Even loyal players felt the confusion. This statement hereby declares that there will NEVER be griefing on modern-gaming unless it be on a different world. If you think my opinion on griefing is a bit harsh, MassiveCraft, the actual creators of the factions plugin agree as well as most matured communities. This was in no way to offend anyone.

Enjoy your Experience on the Grief-Free Modern Minecraft!

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