Building Skills (Totems + Turrets)

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Building Skills (Totems + Turrets)

Post  PineAbe on Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:11 am

This guide will explain how to build totems and turrets and anything else in future updates.

View /skill totem for different totem types.

1.) Place a jungle log on the bottom.
2.) Pick a totem type from /skills Totem and place that where the base block is.
3.) Place chiseled stone bricks as the side blocks (see diagram)
4.) The side blocks must be placed last, make sure you use Jungle Logs and Chiseled Stone Bricks.


1.) Place 5 nether fences creating a star.
2.) Put redstone torches on every fence except the middle one
3.) Put a dispenser in the middle of the arrangement (see diagram). Make sure this is done last
4.) Feel free to remove everything but the dispenser from the turret.

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