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Post  Norman_Cook on Fri Jul 26, 2013 10:55 am

1.) IG Name: Norman_Cook

2.) Age: 15

3.) Experience: I joined the server about 3, almost 4 weeks ago, it was still in its beta stages and loads of stuff was still being added to the script. I have been in Los Santos Police Department and have had experience being a cop there, for example how to be in the S.W.A.T and what you can do in it, using police codes for patrols and high speed pursuits and learning more from the owners of the Police Department. I have good experience with Role play and know as much as i can about the server and role play in general.

4.) Other Staff Positions: I was a beta tester for a few days, i don't think that counts as other staff positions but at least it's something.

5.) Applying For: Moderator

6.) Join Date: I joined when it was at least the second day the server came back up, Cody, Carlos and some other server owner (sorry can't remember) were online.

7.) Reason we should accept you: I am a nice, mature, trustworthy person who can get the job done and always do the best that i can to let players have an enjoyable role play experience on Modern Role play. If i were to be accepted as a Moderator i won't abuse powers, if a higher admin tell's me to do something like help a person or help them i will follow there instructions or orders to do the best that i can to help out. I will respond to reports, handle the situation and sort it out in the best of my ability. I will respect all players and other Admin's around me and always have a positive attitude towards the way i converse with people and play the server. I won't ignore players or anyone else for that matter, i have enough qualities and standards to be the best that i can be as an Admin. I am capable of handling dramatic OOC situations if left alone with no other admins online for example; hackers, discrimination/racism, taking insults, flaming, swearing too far and all those other common things that could happen.

Cool Yes i have Skype and i have no problems with giving my simple details out. My skype name is c_eccles2198, feel free to contact me at any time Very Happy

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