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Dane Setzer || Staff Position Application Empty Dane Setzer || Staff Position Application

Post  Setzer on Mon Jul 29, 2013 2:03 pm

1.) IG Name:
Dane Setzer

2.) Age:

3.) Experience:
Seven years

4.) Other Staff Positions:
5.) Applying For:

6.) Join Date:


7.) Reason we should accept you:
I would like to become part of the Administration Team because I want to prove myself to this community to earn high positions in the future which means helping the community to grow up. I didn't have a chance to join so. I am trying to join the administration team and I am trying to be part of it. Nothing interested for me except doing a difference and joining this field. There are the same qualities between me and the administration team because I am already helping people around. Trying to solve their problems, giving them advices. In a conclusion, helping them with my best and providing the best conditions for them to stay in this community.
I want to join the administration team to be an active part in the community and to share my voice with others and share happiness as well. I am really sure that I would be accepted out of all applicants because I am a man who gives the work the importance it needs and a serious man as well.
Professionalism is the key of success and I have this key already because I have been in contact with this already. Discipline is something so important for me because it's taken as account more than everything. Sometimes, you be professional but if you act like a kid or if you show a bad attitude you can be removed for misconduct.
I have the best qualities which is used by administrators in the administration Team and I am one hundred percent sure that I would be an active part of this team and why not I can do a difference.

8.) Skype; If you are uncomfortable with putting your details just let us know.


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