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Regarding VIP and VIP chat[MUST READ]

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Regarding VIP and VIP chat[MUST READ] Empty Regarding VIP and VIP chat[MUST READ]

Post  Jimmy Alonso Thu Oct 04, 2012 3:35 pm

Good day fellow players of Modern Gaming,
I'm here with an announcment for everyone. Since we had alot of reports for insulting, metagaming, threating and such over the VIP chat (/v), we've decided to form up a new rule. From now, everyone caughts breaking this rule, his VIP priviliges will be taken off ( or suspended for a certain time ).

VIP section rules:

  • The VIP chat is for chatting with your friends OOCly, everyone caught Metagaming, threating, insulting over this chat (/v), his VIP privileges will be taken off ( suspended )

  1. Small issues on VIP chat (minimal insults, Metagaming : One week suspending VIP privileges + 10 000 $ fine for Metagaming / OOC insults)
  2. Medium issues on VIP chat(medium insults, threating, alot Metagaming: Taking off VIP privileges / 2 weeks suspending VIP privileges [depends] + 20 000 $ fine for Metagaming[medium issues] / OOC Insults [medium issues] / Threating [medium issues])
  3. Huge issues on VIP chat(Huge insults, swearing, alot threating and metagaming, Server Advertising: Permanent taking off VIP privileges without rights to purchase VIP packages from our E - store + 50 000 $ fine for Swearing [HUGE issues] / OOC Insults [HUGE issues], and BAN for Server Advertising without rights to post ban appeal )

Also if you caught someone, breaking the rules above, feel free to post a Forum Complaint against him!
That was all from me, thanks for reading.

Jimmy Alonso,
Executive Administraor,
Executive Comitee

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Jimmy Alonso
Jimmy Alonso

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Regarding VIP and VIP chat[MUST READ] Empty Re: Regarding VIP and VIP chat[MUST READ]

Post  PineAbe Thu Oct 04, 2012 3:48 pm


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