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MineCraft Server Returning Soon...

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MineCraft Server Returning Soon... Empty MineCraft Server Returning Soon...

Post  PineAbe Wed May 01, 2013 3:28 pm

Wednesday, 1/05/2013

I am glad to inform you that Modern MineCraft will be returning shortly. We do plan on having a similar game mode with a few changes. A fresh map, fresh factions list and a fresh team of staff. In this list of new staff it will include loyal players known as...

xxEpiczxx (Carlos Gregory)

No moderators are allowed to raid, neither will Mitch_haz_ponys your favourite over powered donator. As for Allshouse, you already love him anyway but he also will not be raiding. However they will raid you if you accept to allowing them to and their faction members will still be allowe to raid whoever they want. We have not yet given out a date for when the server will be up but we can garuntee it will be up soon as most of the plugin development and permissions setup is complete (Yes I used backups since I am lazy).

In the new system we have almost 20 classes and professions. Some are donator but you will all have access to 5 classes and 5 proffessions. Professions are otherwise known as secondary classes. Yes they are free to use now. We are still building towns and cities to make purchases from but most of it is not complete. So the economy is yet to develop.

As for refunds. You will not be refunded a cent. But ranks will be refunded such as VIP's etc. You may need to being up transaction or order ID's for security purposes. Contact either myself (PineAbe) or our new Director of Customer Relations. Mitch_haz_ponys. Famed has been removed but a new rank has arrived, "Regular" a mimic of Famed. However it will be easier to obtain. At start you will need to follow the tutorial and once completed you will rank up via right clicking a sign. Then you obtain this new rank. Similar to the initial hero dungeon. Which we will also have again. The Hero rank and other ranks that you can obtain without donating will be able to be earned. The tutorial was designed for noobies and is extremely well done. The map to be released will be known as... Panem. This building project will need to following done:

- Capitol (Not started)
- Mooville (Complete)
- Winter Bone (Started)
- El Jhasib (Started)
- Everdale (Incomplete)
- Cultingwood (Incomplete)

That's All Folks! Hope to see you soon!

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