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Changes Occuring [IMPORTANT]

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Changes Occuring [IMPORTANT] Empty Changes Occuring [IMPORTANT]

Post  PineAbe Sat Jul 06, 2013 12:04 pm

Satuarday, 06/07/2013

Hello Modern Gaming Player!

It grieves me to tell you the bad news, yet the good news will still be there just not as prominent. We will start with the bad to end on a good note. Our senior moderator Codey737 will be stepping down from his staff position. He is no longer interested in moderating a roleplay server. He was a huge help to me and the staff team and will be greatly missed. As for the rest of the bad news, we will be resetting the map. It is something I've been considering for a while now and here are the reasons why.

We are removing factions and introducing plot buying an effective way to add an economy to land. There will be several districts to buy plots from varying from location and size. Factions was a bad use of a plugin for simple building and survival.

The good news. Nothing but the map will be reset. We will be upgrading hosts, more skills will be eligible for you as the current hosts java is not updated. This will allow allot of new classes to be made as well as another tier of classes for non donators and nerfs and buffs globally. Less lag and a large border of 10000 blocks radius will be introduced. The PvP world will be available for download and will return soon it will NOT be completely gone but rather re-modelled for raiding and griefing which will be released later in the month.

Have Fun Modern Gamers!

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