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Class Revamp (June)

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Class Revamp (June) Empty Class Revamp (June)

Post  Mitch_haz_ponyz Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:49 am

Hello, Players!

We are introducing new changes to your in game classes and trees!

1. Rogue!

- Rogues first change is their armor!
Gold Armor!
Gold armor will allow Rogues a previously weak DPS class to survive longer in fights and execute their role as a true melee DPS.

-The second change to Rogue's Tree subclass "Ninja" is The skill "Time bomb" is being removed and replaced with "Super Jump"

- The third big impact change is to another skill from "Ninja" "Smoke."
Smoke had a very long cooldown, we talked about it we thought reducing this It will allow them to utilize a longer fight into mechanics rather than brute forcing a fast assassination.

2. Healer!

Healer's were by far the strongest class, they were capable of dealing large amounts of damage while still being a tank and receiving little in return. We are doing a large overhaul of this class to make it suit its role more as a support rather than a what it currently is.

- So The first change will be its damage with a hoe.
Hoes no longer grant extra damage like most items they will now be simply utility for private farms.
A healer's highest form of damage will now be a stone sword. This will allow for healers to know before hand they won't be dishing out but rather standing back or tanking damage.

- The second thing is their armor.
Iron Armor!
This will just add to the fact that healers will have to attempt to stay alive or and play a support role.

- Healers "Pray" spell will be getting buffed but as the time is for now we don't know to what degree it will be changed. We do know it will be a substantial increase!

Thanks guys! Enjoy!

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