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moderator application

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moderator application Empty moderator application

Post  daboss35 Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:48 am

1.) IG Name: daboss35
2.) Age: 14
3.) Experience: I have been moderator on many server I was mod on a diamond server and have been promoted to head admin.
4.) Other Staff Positions: j mod, head mod, admin
5.) Applying For: moderator
6.) Join Date: about 1 month ago maybe a bit longer
7.) Reason we should accept you: Even though I am a new player I am very familiar with the rpg servers. I am great help and very active. I'm patient and will listen to players without getting annoyed or inpatient.
Also I have been mod/admin on many servers and have been told that I am great help for helping players and the server. I also have donated lots to this server mainly because I love it and want to keep it running. I would be great help to the server because I am very active, patient and attentive and will help players as best as I can.


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moderator application Empty Re: moderator application

Post  PineAbe Mon Jul 08, 2013 5:12 am

moderator application Untitled-1_zps5460f67e

Read the requirements. Fix up grammar mistakes and re-apply after 48 hours.

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