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Post  Samantha_Knight on Sat Aug 03, 2013 3:34 pm

1.) IG Name:Samantha_Knight
2.) Age:18
3.) Experience: Used to help with admin duty of RCRP but I have recently stopped
4.) Other Staff Positions: RCRP admin
5.) Applying For: Builder/Moderator/Administrator : Admin
6.) Join Date: 03/08/13
7.) Reason we should accept you: I can speak perfect English which is important to help out answering reports, and helpme's. I could organise the forum for you and delete spam posts and all that kind of stuff. I am going to be very active on this server as I am enjoying my time so far as I have been playing. I know most admin commands unless they are completely different on this server. I can get rid of the hackers and trollers, and punish the people that are completely UNRP. Obviously the rules are there for a reason and I can help enforce them. I am a friendly, kind person and easy to get along with so I can help all the new players with what to do and how to have a fun atmosphere on the server. I can play on the server for about 8-9 hours a day, doing admin duties such as helping people out. I can make sure people have the fun, serious roleplay feeling that they should be getting with heavy RP. I am a very experienced roleplayer and can tell when someone is either PGing and MGing and therefore they can be punished accordingly. Thankyou for reading my application.


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